Our Company

Introduction to Tweng Engineering Services

We established in 2012. After years of working in corporate positions, managing companies and developing respective product portfolio in Asia. Our team realises there is real need with the ability to niche products and application for a cost-effective solution.

The regional experiences that we have had developed and garner in the support of the respective fields of process and factory automation makes us a right working and perfect partner. We are closely associated with our principals who support our brand image to synergize total product support and sharing in their international exposure.

Specialist in the measurement of physical values - Pressure, Force, Flow, Temperature in factory automation control systems and consultancy

Products and Services

  • Pressure, force, level sensors and transmitters
  • Pressure Gauges
  • Chemical Seals and accessories
  • Pressure and temperature switches
  • Thermometers
  • Temperature sensors and transmitters
  • Flow instruments
  • Related DIN-rail signal modules
  • Pneumatic products and solutions

Successes and milestones

Till date, we have good references in marine, food and beverage, pharma & biotech, water treatment, chemical & process....and gladly share with respect to confidentiality