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Electromagnetic flowmeter

The electromagnetic flowmeters (EMF) from ientek.

ientek Electromagnetic Flowmeters(EMF) can be used to accurately measure the flowrate of liquids, paper pulp, slurry and mineral slurry which has an electrical conductivity greater than 5µS/cm.

EMFF Integral Type is a flow measurement system in a compact design which integrates the transmitter primary and sensor. EMFS Remote Type flow measurement system consists of a flowmeter primary and a remote mounted converter.

These flowmeters measure accurately, create no additional pressure drop, contain no moving or protruding parts, are wear free and corrosion resistant. Installations are possible in any existing piping system.

The ientek. Products EMF has proven itself over many decades and is the preferred electronmagnetic flowmeter in the chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, municipal water and waste water treatment facilities and in the food & paper industries.

Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Ultrasonic flowmeter

The ultrasonic flowmeters from ientek.

Ientek ultrasonic flowmeters utilized Transit- time technology to accurately measure the flowrate of any liquids with a content of suspended solids less than 10000ppm and without high content of air bubbles.

The flow transmitters are available as Wall mount type, portable type, panel mount or hand held type. Offering greater installation flexibility, the sensors feature non-intrusive clamp on type, higher temperature inset type and permanent Flange type.

Ientek of ultrasonic flowmeters are valued for their high precision, un-matched reliability and outstanding performance to price ratio. The ientek. Products has proven itself over many decades and is the preferred ultrasonic flowmeter in the chemical industries, municipal water and waste water treatment facilities, power plant (heat power, water power, fire power) , paper Steel and mining industries, Energy / BTU Flow Metering in the Real Estate Sector and in Industrial Processes

Ultrasonic flowmeter

Thermal Mass flowmeter

The thermal mass flowmeter from ientek.

Ientek’s Series Smart Insertion Thermal Mass Flow Meter provides a reliable solution for direct gas flow measurement applications.

This model is widely used to measure accurately very low gas pressures and provides fast response speed and outstanding measurement range. For stable and reliable measurement of mass flow, the thermal mass sensor automatically compensates for changes in the temperature and pressure of gas without using a separate temperature and pressure transducer.

Thermal Mass Flowmeter

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